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Unlocator is a Smart DNS service run by Linkwork ApS, a Danish IT company located in Copenhagen. Unlocator was formally established and has recently grown into among the best known Smart DNS services out there, enabling users to unblock geo-limited media content.

Clients can avoid regional limitations on services BBC iPlayer and Hulu by utilising Unlocator’s variant of Smart DNS, circumvent sports blackouts, access media and do so on multiple distinct devices. This is possible without needing to install any software.

The way that It Operates

Similar by hiding a user’s accurate place Smart DNS services work, deceiving online services and sites into believing they’re in a different section of earth. A user’s DNS queries are rerouted through the Unlocator servers to get this done. Internet speeds will not be changed, although unlike with a VPN, information isn’t encrypted.

By just rerouting visits to sites smart DNS functions support is offered by the service for. What this means is when a person visits a supported streaming web site, their DNS queries will be automatically rerouted, but when they afterwards go to make use of unrelated services like social networking or internet banking websites, it’s totally unaffected.

Pricing and Payment Systems

Unlocator’s monthly bundle can be found in a cost of $4.95, which is a competitive price. Savings could be produced on long term subscriptions, with the 6 month package costing $27.50 (7% off) and the 12 month bundle arriving to $49.95 (16% off). All bundles provide subscriptions and the full service may be cancelled anytime.

A free 7-day trial can be acquired, offering prospective customers the chance to try the entire merchandise before subscribing. The trial is accessible without obligation to subscribe with no bank card advice must be provided so that you can get it. Unlocator offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for dissatisfied users.

When it comes to payment alternatives, customers have a choice of paying via PayPal, MasterCard or Visa, which will be a somewhat small selection of choices, but should be adequate for a large proportion of men and women.


One of Smart DNS technology’s main strengths is its compatibility. As a result of how software isn’t needed, the service may be used on a wide variety of operating systems and different devices as well as the set up procedure is comparatively straightforward.

Setup guides for added devices and operating systems, including Smart TVs, games consoles, telephones, tablet computers and routers, may be located here.

Customer Support

The primary Unlocator web site includes an all-inclusive support page, which offers set up guides, troubleshooting suggestions and articles, while answering frequently asked questions. This provides support for most of the common problems users will likely fall upon and needs to be consulted before direct contact is made.

If, on the other hand, a customer must get with all the support team, various choices can be found, including contact or e-mail through social networking sites and Twitter. A mailing address is supplied, although Skype support, phone support or live chat support aren’t presently offered.

Streaming Services Supported

At present, Unlocator Smart DNS supplies support for distinct streaming media services that are close to 150 with additional channels being added often. Services presently supported include:

Netflix (all areas)
Hulu and Hulu Plus
Amazon Prompt Video
BBC iPlayer
NFL GamePass
NHL Gamecenter
WWE Network
ITV Player

Plus many more. An entire list of streaming services and supported stations are available here.

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