Philips Smart TV SmartDNS Trial: Unblock Websites and streaming for free!

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Watch Television and Live Streams on Philips Smart TV with a free Philips Smart TV SmartDNS Trial Version:

As with other Smart TVs to the marketplace now, the Philips variety of Smart TVs can handle streaming content. It has several benefits over using Video Streaming on additional apparatus, including giving the capacity to look at content on their television to customers, in High Definition quality.

The content on Video Streaming changes from area to area, meaning that television shows and a number of movies are just accessible other states. Sadly, Video Streaming will not permit manual area changing, as well as a customer’s area is found mechanically through their internet connection settings. Two primary approaches exist, enabling users to unblock Video Streaming and substantially boost the number of content open to them, to circumvent this.

Smart DNS

Probably the easiest and very best choice open to Philips Smart TV owners is Smart DNS, which operates by rerouting DNS queries via a proxy server. The consequence of this can be the fact that Video Streaming finds the user’s place as being the precise location of the proxy server, giving access to other areas. Smart DNS only works with supported sites and services, ensuring browsing that is other is not affected. It’s, thus, crucial to locate a Smart DNS service which supports Video Streaming.

Advantages of Smart DNS contain its simplicity, its set up procedure that is easy and its own superb web speeds, which allow it to be ideal for streaming video content. A few of the most effective Smart DNS services readily available for offering Video Streaming support and the Philips Smart TV comprise OverPlay, Unblock- TorGuard and Us.

Smart DNS Setup

Users must finish the enrollment procedure after selecting a suitable service. Upon this, they are going to be given new DNS settings, which must be shifted on their Philips Smart TV. For changing these settings in the apparatus, directions is found below:

1. From the ‚Network‘ menu, select the ‚Connection Evaluation‘.

2. In the TV remote, press the ‚Menu‘ button.

3. Choose ‚Set Up‘, then ‚Network‘.

4. About the ‚Manual Network Settings‘ screen, select ‚IP Setup‘ ‚IP Setting Mode‘.

5. Choose ‚Guide‘ and then enter the brand new DNS settings supplied.

Together with the content accessible the area you’ve chosen, Video Streaming should load upon restart. With a few services, like Unblock-Us, the area could be changed from within your principal Smart DNS account.

Virtual Private Network

VPNs work in the same way to Smart DNS services, while customers receive a brand new IP address, except all information is encrypted and piped via a server. Edges of VPNs include increased security and privacy, along with a way of getting ISP level DNS around. Nevertheless, VPN is not typically faster than Smart DNS.

In the present time, Philips Smart TVs are incapable of permitting direct installment of a VPN merchandise on the apparatus itself, meaning the set up procedure may be somewhat more complex than with Smart DNS. However, you will find methods where a VPN service may be utilised with all the tv, so that you can unblock Video Streaming.

VPN Set Up

Users got two primary choices as VPN client applications is unable to be installed right onto the TV. Then share the internet connection involving the apparatus and the foremost would be to connect the TV to your pc running the VPN service. This technique allows for a set up that is relatively simple, but might lead to a slow connection, which isn’t perfect for streaming.

Instead, users can connect a router that is flashed and the Smart TV. Flashing a router isn’t suggested for those without the necessary technical knowledge and is complex, but pre-configured routers may be bought, making the procedure more easy. This choice leads to a faster connection.

Step by step set up guides for using a VPN on a router or a computer is going to be accessible in the sites of individual suppliers. The precise set up procedure may differ from one service to another. Examples of VPNs which offer adequate support for Philips Smart TVs contain ExpressVPN CactusVPN and VyprVPN.