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Watch Television and Live Streams on Samsung Smart TV with a free Samsung Smart TV SmartDNS Trial Version:

Tutorial: The best way to unblock Video Streaming on a Samsung Smart TV using a VPN/DNS supplier

Note: This tutorial assumes you’re a Video Streaming customer. Please join a Video Streaming account before continuing if that’s not the situation.

Utilizing a VPN/DNS Service

The primary issue you’ll run into is the Video Streaming program uses your IP address determine which variant of the service to offer you and to locate your place. To unblock other Video Streaming areas to the Samsung Smart TV, it’s a good idea to make use of a DNS service, like Overplay, Torguard, HideIPVPN, SmartDNS Proxy or Unblock-Us.. Various options can be found, join the one which best suits you and research them. Under the table youll look for a comprehensive step-by-step guide on the best way setting up your Samsung Smart TV ( before 2013 and post-2013 ‚F‘ and ‚H‘ chain ).

After becoming a member of a service, you’ll be given a DNS number, e.g. You will be provided by distinct services with an amount that is different. Take note of the amount you’ve been given and follow the steps below.

Press ‚Menu‘ to the remote, scroll to ‚Network‘ and choose ‚Network Status‘.
Select ‚IP Settings‘, go to ‚DNS Settings‘ and select ‚Input Manually‘.
Input the number your DNS service gave you. It might be wise in the event you need to revert back to them as time goes on to pay attention to your present DNS settings first.
Choose ‚OK‘, finish the procedure and restart your TV.
Your Video Streaming program should now be unlocked to the area supported by your DNS service provider. For services like Unblock- area, Unlocator and Us -changing choices can be found in your account together.

Although the Samsung Smart TV is not able to directly link to your Virtual Private Network vPN services can be utilized to unlock Video Streaming. Because of this, you’ll need to check out the directions given by your individual VPN supplier on VPN connection sharing.
Here will be the most widely used VPN Services which work with Samsung Smart TVs:

Configuring Your TV

The primary challenge presented by the Samsung Smart TV is the truth that the Video Streaming program is accessible a few areas. Because of this, according to your geographical area, into believing it’s in another place, you might need to fool the unit.

To get this done on a pre-2013 Samsung Smart TV version:

Press the ‚Smart‘ button in your remote control. The Smart Hub should appear on screen.
Press on the following sequence of keys in your remote ‚Fast Forward, 2, 8, 9, Rewind‘.
The area menu should appear. Pick an area including Video Streaming including the Usa, as a default program.
Consent to the stipulations and let the Smart Hub to restart.
After restarting, the Smart Hub should start to download the default programs, including Video Streaming.

For post-2013 ‚F‘ and ‚H‘ show Samsung Smart TV versions:

Press the ‚Source‘ button in the remote control and choose ‚TV‘.
Press ‚Menu‘ to the remote, select ‚System‘ to the onscreen menu and input the submenu.
Select ‚Set Up‘ and scroll through the data till you get to the ‚Terms & Conditions‘ page.
While on the ‚Terms and Conditions‘ page, press the next sequence of keys in your remote ‚Muffle, Volume, Return, Channel Up, Mute‘.
Pick an area including support for the Video Streaming program, including the Usa.
Continue to finish the set up.

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