Panasonic Smart TV SmartDNS Trial: Unblock Websites and streaming for free!

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Watch Television and Live Streams on Panasonic Smart TV with a free Panasonic Smart TV SmartDNS Trial Version:

Panasonic offer an incredibly popular selection of Smart TVs, as well as a Video Streaming program is easy to get to them. That makes it very simple for users to stream an enormous range of documentaries, films and TV shows right onto their television set.

Yet, after becoming a member of a Video Streaming account, users are automatically directed towards the information library for his or her very own specific area. The area itself is found automatically through web settings, like IP address and DNS settings, and there isn’t any way to manually throw areas inside the program itself.

This prevents customers from getting content that will be exclusive to other areas. Yet, in fact, there are many strategies offered to Video Streaming customers, letting them unblock the access and service content from the rest of the planet, extending the general scope of movies and shows to pick from.

Smart DNS Services

The primary system accessible to all those running Video Streaming on a Panasonic Smart TV would be to make use of a Smart DNS service. It is necessary to locate a Smart DNS service which offers support as the technology exclusively changes supported services and sites as well as other browsing stays unaffected. Smart DNS services are well suited with the aim of unblocking Video Streaming, as they cannot cause any substantial slow down.

Basically, Smart DNS functions by rerouting DNS queries via a proxy server. This method essentially makes it seem like a customer’s internet connection is from the place of the server. So, as an example, in the event the server relies in America, Video Streaming will find that the user is based there, as well as the consumer will subsequently get access to the United States Video Streaming content library.

Smart DNS Setup

Following successful conclusion of the join procedure, services will provide new DNS settings to users to observe. To be able to use the technology, these must be input signal within the settings of the Panasonic Smart TV.

Please note: In the event you ever should revert back to the initial settings later on, it’s worth making a record of your present DNS settings before changing them.

1. Press on either ‚Settings‘ or ‚Set Up‘ and then select ‚Network Connection‘.

2. From the following menu, choose your network connection type (e.g. Wifi or Ethernet cable).

3. Choose ‚Network Settings‘ and then ‚OK‘.

4. Select ‚Custom‘, then visit ‚DNS Setting Mode‘ and choose ‚Guide‘.

5. Enter the DNS settings supplied by your service provider, save the settings and after that restart your Smart TV.

The Smart DNS settings should take effect after restarting the tv. Although individual services offer their particular directions because of this the desirable Video Streaming area can then normally be altered in your account together with your Smart DNS supplier.

Virtual Private Networks

Another potential approach open to Panasonic Smart TV users is a Virtual Private Network service. VPNs operate in the same way to Smart DNS, except all web information is encrypted and rerouted, offering security and greater privacy. About the reverse side, while connected to a VPN, local sites might not function and some VPNs can cause serious slowdown.

Sadly, Panasonic Smart TVs are unable to run a VPN service so other approaches must be executed to use these. However, using the proper set up, VPN services can handle unlocking Video Streaming areas and like ExpressVPN VyprVPN and TorGuard can provide a decent service.

VPN Setup Procedures

Although individual VPN service providers offer their particular set up tutorials for his or her merchandise, basically, Panasonic Smart TV users got two choices for running a Virtual Private Network on their tv: connect the Smart TV into a pc running the VPN program, or run the VPN on a flashed router.

Connecting the TV to your pc running VPN software is the straightforward approach with regards to set up, however a disadvantage is the fact that it may not be fast. In the flip side, a quicker service will be provided by running the VPN on a router that is flashed as well as the router will enable the VPN to be utilized on different apparatus, but the set up procedure is more complex.