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SmartyDNS is promoted as a way of unblocking media content in the rest of earth and was established in 2013. Support right now, is limited to services found in usa, Great Britain and Poland, although additional servers are anticipated later on.

As a result of how it doesn’t suffer from the exact same speed limitation problems of a Virtual Private Network, it’s more purpose built for people who want to stream video content frequently. SmartyDNS additionally provides now VPN services.

The way that It Operates

The SmartyDNS merchandise operates to VPN technology, because a user’s accurate location is obscured by it. Rerouting DNS queries via a server in a different element of earth achieves this. The service tricks sites into believing the user is in another location, unblocking content that is generally confined to that particular area as a result.

But you will find several differences between a VPN as well as Smart DNS technology. Smart DNS lacks a VPN’s encryption, but will not need software to be installed (although discretionary software for Windows is accessible) net and speed isn’t adversely impacted. In addition, the Smart DNS rerouting simply happens on supported sites other browsing isn’t changed.

Pricing and Payment Systems

SmartyDNS makes use of a competitive pricing strategy, using a monthly subscription costing $6.95. Customers who choose to subcribe for an extended time period will have the ability to get a reduction on such cost, with a 3 month subscription costing $16.95 and a 12 month subscription costing $49.95.

Before committing to your subscription, nevertheless, clients can use a free 3 day trial, so that you can try what SmartyDNS provides and be sure it works on their apparatus(s). The trial comes without any obligation to subscribe with no credit card is needed. Additional protection is offered by additionally, one month money-back guarantee.

A wide variety of payment choices are taken, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Webmoney, Alipay and Qiwi. This variety of alternative much surpasses the payment possibilities out there for most other DNS services, even though it needs to be noted that Bitcoin isn’t now taken.


As with other DNS providers that are Smart, SmartyDNS is not incompatible using a wide variety of apparatus and distinct operating systems, including tablet computers, smart phones, computers, games consoles and routers.

Customer Support

Like most DNS services that are Smart, SmartyDNS feature an extensive support portion on their site, which covers concerns individuals and the most common queries are not unlikely to get before or during usage of the item. In case a difficulty is encountered by a customer, the firm inform they consult this page first.

But if your customer still must touch base with all the business technical support can be obtained by means of a ticket-based help system inside the customer region, while more general questions may be transmitted via e-mail. Response times are usually fast. They also have a live chat.

Streaming Services Supported

At present, SmartyDNS offers support to get several popular streaming media services

Netflix (US)
Hulu and Hulu Plus
Amazon Prompt Video (US and UK Areas)
BBC iPlayer
Sky Go
ESPN Player
Fox Football 2Go
WWE Network

Plus a great deal more. An entire list of supported stations and streaming services may be found here.

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